What to know about carpet tiles

Choosing the best flooring for your commercial space can be an easier task than you think, especially with so many carpet tiles available. These flooring options provide benefits that will last for years, whether your goal is durability, beauty, or performance. You’ll share your preferences and requirements with our associates, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Why carpet tiles?

These pieces were created with durability in mind, using the perfect fibers, cut, and pile to handle lots of wear and abuse. Even in your busiest spaces, carpet tiles offer a hard-wearing surface that holds up under all your activity levels. It's perfect for resisting stains, wear, and crushing, making repairs easy.

If one of the carpet squares gets damaged, you can replace the one instead of the entire room of flooring. This practice can save a
lot of money over the 15 years of lifespan you could gain from these floor coverings. You’ll also appreciate how easy they are to clean and maintain, especially over time.

The quick and easy installation is perfect for businesses that don't want a lot of downtime. Many products offer a peel-and-stick option that allows for one of the fastest installations, with heavy traffic helping to solidify the adhesive. In addition, larger commercial carpet squares provide a quicker installation since there are fewer pieces to install.

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The beauty of carpet tiles

No matter what kind of décor you have, you'll find a perfect match with carpet tiles. Colors, designs, patterns, and styles make it easy to decorate your space, with mix-and-match options for a unique result in any room. Put the appearance options together in any way that works for your scheme, and we can help.

The best commercial carpet is here

Flooring Solutions By Design knows how crucial it is to find the perfect carpet tiles and services for your space. We bring more than three decades of experience to your remodel of any size to ensure solutions you'll appreciate for years. Of course, we cater to your flooring needs, but we're also here to address your questions and concerns, so stop by today for a consultation.

From our showroom in Lindon, UT, we serve residents from Lindon, UT, Orem, UT, Provo, UT, Pleasant Grove, UT, American Fork, UT, and Lehi, UT. We look forward to earning your business for any size remodel or upgrade, and we invite you to visit us at your convenience to find your carpet tiles. Our showroom is the perfect place to plan your commercial floors, no matter the project size.